Up the hill on the road to Polis is the pretty little village of Kathikas.

It's surrounded by vineyards, orchids and mountains. The village it self is absolutely stunning. The houses and roads are well maintained and kept clean at all times. The occupants of the village are friendly and very helpful. There's a coffee shop 'Pampos Cafe' located in the middle of the village near the village square as well as a pub. There are a number of restaurants that have an excellent cuisine, Yiannis Tavern, Farm Yard and Imogen's Inn. While at the village you can visit a couple of the wineries or the local donkey farm.

The donkey farm is just before the village, you can visit and feed the donkeys.  The guy that runs it also has a small bar where he sells local honey which we absolutely love.  We make sure we stock up while we are there



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